Help Build

Help Build

How can you help build the Women’s Clinic?

The Hands of Christ, Inc. has an architect that has donated all architectural services and we raised $150,000 to purchase the 7+ acres of  land in 2008. Even in the mist of hard economic times, He has supplied all that we need for the purchase of the land. The land is basically flat with some scattered pines trees as well as good building sites for the clinic and other necessary buildings. Our architect has worked with a local civil engineer who will donate some of his time as well. God is placing good honest people in key positions to help us with this project.

Now, we are ready to raise money for the infrastructure (access road, well for water, septic system), building foundations, and security wall. We have contractors that are going to come and lay the blocks for the walls of the buildings. God is providing for this project every step of the way. After all, it is from Him and for Him that we work. We are ready to begin construction. Please send your donations to the post office box listed below with “Women’s Clinic” in the memo blank. If you would like to help with the construction please send us an email through the “Contact Us” portion of this website.


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