Section 1: All volunteers, individuals or teams, must obtain approval to come to Honduras and approval of the dates desired from The Hands of Christ, Inc. staff.  Teams must have a specific purpose for their trip and that purpose will align with the needs of the ministry.   All teams or individuals must fit into ongoing work done by The Hands of Christ, Inc. medical ministry.   The full time missionaries in Honduras working for The Hands of Christ, Inc. will make all decisions concerning the participant’s reservations for hotels, food, transportation, etc. The participants will decide on the flight schedule, based on approved dates, and airlines. All participants coming to Honduras from the United States need a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months until the expiration date at the time of your departure.  A passport application can be obtained from the United States Post Office or from their website Once at the website click on “shop” and then click on “apply for a passport”.  If there is a legal resident (non citizen) on the team he or she will need to check with the nearest U.S. consulate for his or her requirements to leave and re-enter the United States.   If a participant is coming from another country or is a citizen of another country the participant will need to verify the requirements for his or her entry and exit into and out of Honduras.

Section 2:  Traveling with a minor:  If a participant is a parent traveling with a minor child (under 18) or if there is a minor (under 18) traveling with the team without either parent there must be a notarized letter from both parents giving permission to leave the country with that child. It is best for the team coordinator to check with the airlines about this requirement and what verbiage is required in the notarized letter.

Section 3:  Immunizations:  Please see the CDC {Center for Disease Control} website at for requirements for travel to Honduras.  Click on “destinations” and then on “Honduras” to see the latest medical news and recommendations for visiting Honduras. This is very informative.  Participants may also want to visit with their doctor to see if he or she has any recommendations.  They know your medical history and can help you be safe. We recommend that all participants have a current Tetanus shot preferably within the last 5 years.

Section 4:  Your personal medicine: If a participant is taking a prescription medicine, please bring enough to cover the duration of trip and a couple of extra days because from time to time the airports are closed because of weather, pollution, or other circumstances.  

Section 5:  If a participant becomes ill while in Honduras: There are doctors and hospitals that are available to offer some medical care.  The Hands of Christ, Inc. insists all people traveling to Honduras purchase some emergency evacuation insurance. If a participant is involved in any type of accident or becomes seriously ill, the participant will not regret having this insurance.   If a possible participant has a serious medical condition that might need emergency care, or if a possible participant is pregnant, he or she should not come to Honduras at this time and instead pray for and support your team or The Hands of Christ, Inc. ministry.

Two sources of out of country health insurance and emergency evacuation insurance used by mission teams in the past are the following:

United Methodist Volunteers in Mission,  Registration is on-line by clicking on “Insurance and Registration”.  Registration is a free service.  The Team Leader will need to have experience and been to team leader training. A copy of each team member’s passport is recommended to have when filling out form. Payment can be made on-line by credit card.
Gallagher Charitable Insurance International Insurance Service,  Registration is on-line by clicking on “Volunteer Enrollments”.  Call (800) 922-8438 to obtain user name and password to access the enrollment form.  A copy of each team member’s passport is recommended to have when filling out form.  Payment can be made on-line by credit card.   

Section 6:  Qualified medical, dental, and nursing personnel are needed to come and work with The Hands of Christ, Inc. medical ministry.

Credentials Required for Doctors and Dentists to work in Honduras:

  1. A copy of your current license
  2. A copy of your passport photo page
  3. A copy of your Medical or Dental school Diploma
  4. The above named items must arrive to The Hands of Christ, Inc. staff in Honduras 60 days before your arrival.

These papers have to be submitted and approved by the appropriate agency in Honduras.

  1. Be sure all copies sent via e-mail are clear and not dark or black. If the credentials are received and are dark, black or illegible the participants or team coordinator will be asked to resend a new

Section 6.a. For teams bringing dentist: The dental college in Honduras requires that all foreign dentist be accompanied by a Honduran dentist. There is a daily cost involved in this. Check with the missionaries to get the current cost.


Section 7: Language:   The official language is Spanish. Plan on speaking Spanish if possible. Translators can be provided for a daily fee. If participants use translators the participant team will provide them with any meals that are eaten and if you stay outside of Tegucigalpa the participant team will provide any translators their food and lodging as well as the daily fee.   All translators are chosen and provide by The Hands of Christ, Inc.


Section 8:  Travel Arrangements to Honduras:  Currently American Airlines, United, Delta, and Taca are the airlines coming into Honduras. For your work with The Hands of Christ, Inc. the team will be coming to Tegucigalpa, Honduras which is the capital of Honduras. The Hands of Christ, Inc. will meet you at the airport.

When the team leaves Honduras, each participant will need to pay an exit tax at the airport. Currently, it is $40.00 per person. This tax is normally included in the price of your ticket in the United States. In Honduras it is paid separately IN CASH.

Section 9:  Climate in Honduras:   The climate in Honduras is divided into the seasons of wet and dry.  It can be very hot in the daytime and cool to cold at night depending on the location & time of year.  It is cooler in the winter months. The rainy season is June until November; although it can and does rain at anytime. Some years it rains a lot and other years not so much.

  1. There will be a $300.00 fee that will be used to offset the cost of preparation for the team arrival and working with the team while you are here. This should be sent 30 days before the team’s arrival. Any additional cost incurred by The Hands of Christ, Inc. staff missionaries will also be covered by the team. Teams that stay outside of Tegucigalpa will be required to send all money for food and housing needs 3 weeks before your arrival date unless other arrangements have been made.


Section 9:  Arriving in country: 

  1. Registration must occur with the American Embassy. This can be completed at: each team or team member will set up an account with a user name and password and then enter your information.
  2. Things to bring to Honduras.
  3. Your bible
  4. Flashlight
  5. Mosquito repellant
  6. Flip-flops to wear while showering (depending on location and lodging )
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Hat to protect face from the sun
  9. Ear plugs for sleeping
  10. Work shoes and tennis shoes
  11. Appropriate modest clothes
  12. Clothes for church (if here on Sunday) nice jeans or slacks and a nice shirt will suffice
  13. Work gloves (if doing construction)
  14. Light jacket
  15. Raincoat
  16. Towel
  17. Hand sanitizing gel
  18. Toiletries, towels, small roll of toilet paper
  19. Small umbrella
  20. Sanitizing wipes
  21. Passport and 2 copies (one for the participant and one for the team leader)
  22. Dengue fever is always present. It is spread by mosquitoes so please take the precautions necessary to protect yourself. Having Dengue fever is not a pleasant experience. It is like the Flu x 10!
  23. Each participant should be prepared to give their testimony of how or why you became a Christian & why you felt called to come and give your time
  24. Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurses should all bring their own otoscope, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope and any other instruments they feel they might need.
  25. Dentist should bring any instruments, anesthesia, and other supplies they will need for extracting teeth or teeth roots
  26. Teams should bring a simple wound kit (we don’t see many wounds), pill counting trays, pens, permanent markers, and a thermometer for all ages
  27. Each participant’s reason for being here should be to honor Christ with the skills and abilities that he has given you. With that in mind, we encourage each team to plan some type of Christian sharing events i.e. vacation bible school, singing, arts and crafts, or sharing what God has done in the lives of your team members. Bring a couple of soccer balls and coloring books with colors for kids. These are always a big hit. The card game UNO is also an easy one to teach and play.
  28. Depending on the team lodging there may or may not be access to the      
  29. If a participant breaks the law in Honduras, that participant alone is responsible for the consequences. I can guarantee that you will not like the jails here in Honduras.
  30. Always be considerate of others while you are working or at the hotel. Remember that you are representing Christ while on the mission trip.



  1. Don’t bring any expensive jewelry or anything you are not willing to part with easily. This includes wedding rings.
  2. Only ladies may wear earrings but we suggest that no one wear jewelry. Please no strange or exotic piercing by men or women. Please plan to cover any tattoos or body art if applicable.
  3. Clothing should be conservative and modest in nature. Bring appropriate shoes for the type of work the team will be doing. Please don’t bring tight fitting clothes. Be prepared for mud if traveling during the rainy season


Section 10:  Information for Medical/Dental teams:  Each team will need to bring or send ahead all medicines and supplies that will be used for the medical/dental brigade. The Hands of Christ, Inc. suggests the following places that medicines can be purchased from,, or If supplies can be donated or purchased from another place that is fine. Contact us at for a list of what supplies will be needed. One very important thing to remember: All medicine coming into Honduras must have a minimum of one year left on the expiration for it to enter Honduras. If the  medicine is inspected and Customs finds anything with less than one year left on the expiration date it will be confiscated.


Section 11:  Information for Construction teams: Each team will need to bring their own tools or send money ahead to purchase the tools that will be needed. Each participant should bring their own work gloves, hats, and work shoes. Each team will be asked to provide a minimum donation of $5000.00 for purchase of some of the supplies that will be used while in Honduras. In this way they will be on site and ready to use when the team arrives. The team should then bring more money for construction if needed. Discuss this with the missionaries before leaving for Honduras.


Section 12:  Extra money: Each participant or team may have a chance to purchase souvenirs, or snacks and cold drinks so you may want to bring a little spending money.  Most souvenir shops do take some credit cards.  Be sure to let your credit card company know you are coming to Honduras or you will be disappointed when you try to use it as it may be denied because you are out of your normal travel pattern.

Section 12:  Relationships: Try to develop an ongoing relationship with the missionaries on staff with The Hands of Christ, Inc. working in Honduras. Remember to pray and support their work for the long term.  We recommend that participants do not exchange e-mails or phone numbers etc. with anyone in Honduras other than the missionaries working with The Hands of Christ, Inc.  medical ministry. If you do, you and you alone are responsible for any and all consequences of your relationship with that person or persons. Do not develop a relationship of a romantic nature.


Section 13:  Substance Abuse: The use of Alcohol or Smoking if prohibited while traveling and working with The Hands of Christ, Inc.  This can damage our witness as Christians in a broken world. In Honduras it is looked down upon and will discredit you as a Christian if you do these things.


Section 14:  While in Honduras:

  • All team members stay together at all times. No one goes anywhere alone!
  • Wear or have nothing with you that you are not willing to lose.
  • Dress conservatively.
  • Dress appropriately for the work you will be doing.
  • Protect yourself from the sun and insects.
  • All food and drinks must be approved by your missionary staff. Never accept food or drink from a local person. Never eat from the venders in the street.
  • It is not permitted to drink alcohol, consume drugs, or smoke while in Honduras with The Hands of Christ, Inc.
  • No exchanging of e-mails or phone numbers with local people including translators, Pastors or members of any Church.
  • Listen to whatever your host missionaries tell you.
  • Be Flexible. Things don’t always go as planned and rarely as fast as one    

          would want. Remember that you are in Honduras not the U.S. A.

  • Remember, the work that you came to do is important, but being an

     example of Christ’s love for the people is more important.


Section 15:  Consequences:  Failing to follow the above rules can not only put the participant and their work team in danger but also the full time missionaries and the ministry of The Hands of Christ, Inc. itself.  At the discretion of The Hands of Christ, Inc staff, a participant may be asked to return to the United States for safety reas


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