3 Trials & 1 True God


Honduras is entering the 7th week mandatory stay at home orders. So much goes through your mind when facing something like this. Will I have enough food, will we catch COVID-19 (NO), what happens we have no cash. We are careful with our food purchases and ration everything. We are also prepared with rice and beans to last us several weeks if necessary.  Even though there is a 24 curfew in place, the government    allows people out to purchase food once a week which is necessary, but some people are moving about as they please without respecting the curfew.  This makes the virus spread more. Government employed medical personnel, police, military, water trucks, grocery store workers, and some delivery personnel are allowed to go to work.

Central and Southern Honduras have been in severe drought for more than a year.   Water reservoirs for the city are dangerously low. The spring that feeds our neighborhood has all but stopped. We were down to 4 days of water but thankfully we had 2000 gallons of water delivered this week.  Water trucks are necessary and very common in Honduras. A large    portion of the population must buy water from these trucks.

Every year during the dry season, people burn the vegetation on the hillsides and mountains in Honduras.  This is very dangerous to the cities and villages as the smoke blows through the area it makes breathing difficult and dangerous.

Our mobile medical clinics have stopped for now, but, before COVID-19 interrupted the world, we had two groups come and work with us. The group from Iowa brought a    mobile eye clinic and did a wonderful job checking vision and giving out hundreds of pairs of glasses. Giving someone the ability to see better is especially rewarding. We praise God for this group that comes every year to serve those whose needs are greater than our own. The second group from Tuscaloosa, Alabama did construction work at the women’s hospital site. The interior wall studs were put in place, the front porch rebar grid was made and put in place, and the concrete block wall was almost completed on the main entrance. The team worked hard, and much was accomplished. We give God the glory for what was done.

We know and trust that Our God is moving and caring for us everyday.  He tells us in His word that he is faithful, trustworthy and true.  As soon as we can, we will be back to work seeing patients and spreading God’s word and love to others. You are receiving two copies of this newsletter so that you can share with someone you think might be interested in coming alongside us and serving the people of Honduras.   We thank you for your prayers and donations, both of which keep us  enthusiastic about our work. May God richly bless each one of you and keep you safe everyday.

God’s peace

John and Dr. Ana Lamon

The Hands of Christ – P.O. Box 1252 – Franklin, Tennessee 37065