From our Happy New Year letter in late January until now, who would have ever thought that most of the world would be in seclusion in their own homes. Dr. Ana and John and the people of Honduras are in lock down mode and only allowed to leave their homes on certain days depending on the last number on their passport or ID card. Unlike where I live, the roads into Tegucigalpa are fenced off and guarded at all times to prevent people for venturing out when they are supposed to be at home. Only state-run hospitals, banks and grocery stores are open.

As you can imagine, Dr. Ana and John have not been doing any medical brigades recently and will not be doing any in the near future. However, that does not mean their expenses have stopped so your financial gifts are more appreciated than ever. They have many of the same expenses we all do, groceries, rent, utilities, cell phone and internet. John Israel has moved to an online school platform and is at his desk with teaching videos beginning at 7:30am until mid-afternoon. He continues to work hard and receives excellent grades as a result.

Even though Dr. Ana and John are not able to be in the field working right now, they continue to prepare medicines and make plans for when they are able to return. Please share our mission with your friends and family. Word of mouth is the best way for us to gain supporters for prayer and to meet financial needs. For more detail and day to day information about the ministry please contact John and Ana at

Contributions can be made two ways:
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The Hands of Christ
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Please pray for John, Dr. Ana and John Israel and their safety, health and work, that all are according to God’s will.