The current economical condition of Honduras is at a critical stage.

The high cost of food is contributing to famine among the poor of this wonderful country. With no extra resources to depend on, the economically disadvantaged live day to day without government assistance and just enough money from their jobs to barely survive.

Many cannot afford the basics of beans, rice or eggs that they need to survive. According to published reports, many survive only on tortillas and salt. Many find themselves working very physically demanding jobs without the energy and stamina necessary to do it well. While we here in America are seeing a very slow economy and are lamenting the recession and its affects, consider Honduras’ state of the economy being several times worse on a day to day basis. In the past the government was able to subsidize the cost of gas, electricity and other necessary commodities of life, but that is no longer the case.

The minimum wage is $236 per month. Yes, per month! Within the last year the government raised the minimum wage by 60 % (from the $236 amount) but not many businesses can pay the increase, not even the government! While the increase might sound like a blessing to the many poor and disadvantaged of the country, it has also brought many concerns that also affect these precious people. Many of the business owners are now either refusing to pay or cannot pay the increased amount for various reasons. Thousands of Hondurans have already lost their jobs due to this hardship and many more are to come. Many businesses are choosing to leave Honduras due to this massive one-time increase mandated by the government leaving many without job and more importantly without a source of income for them and their families. Many of the Hondurans we have spoken with would rather keep the wage they had before the increase than to risk losing their job entirely. The situation has become dire and the outlook is bleak.

Your donation can help us provide medical care and medicines for these children of God who have no other resources.


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