Hello to all from Honduras,


We hope each of you is doing well and enjoying God’s blessings in your life. We just had a wonder construction

team from Tuscaloosa, Alabama that spent a week working at the Women’s hospital site. As you will see in the

pictures below they accomplished much. We had a great time and great fellowship. We hope others will come

and work with us. If this is something that interest you, please contact John and Ana Lamon at johnyana_41@hotmail.com.

Please continue to pray for our safety and that God will meet all our needs. Also, pray for our group that

Is coming from Iowa next week. Pray for their safety and health and that they accomplish all that God has before

them. If you would like to make a donation for the medical work to continue or for the construction of the

women’s hospital please do so through PayPal on our website www.thehandsofchrist.org. Or send a check to

The Hands of Christ – P.O. Box 1252 – Franklin, Tennessee 37065. We thank you now for your prayers and

donations. Please enjoy the pictures below and see what a great week we had!


In Christ Service Always

John and Ana Lamon

A hard working group from Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Putting up metal studs for the walls

Cutting it the right length the first try

Packing the dirt

Installing a mat of rebar for the porch

3 tired women beside the rebar mat they tied together

Pouring concrete for the foundation of the entrance wall

Doing a little bit of welding

Installing interior walls

Eating a great lunch